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Meet Pheonix...

Good Afternoon,

Welcome to my blog! I created this site to give myself a medium to get my feelings and experiences out. As well as to give others the ability to share their own take on the situation and comment if they want. I will get more in depth in later posts but in a nutshell, I am a sexual assault survivor. I went through it a majority of my childhood, what I would consider the most important stage of childhood. I reached out for help from family and friends and nothing really came of it. Into adulthood, I finally got the confidence and strength to officially report to police and justice is in process of being served as we speak, write, read... whatever you wanna call this haha 😂

I have been going through a lot in my life even outside of those experiences, and I hope to also write about those events as well to not only help my own healing but to provide insight for others who may not fully understand how I am feeling or what I am going through in all of this. Just a few examples of other topics I will discuss are emotional abuse, divorce, sexuality, and suicide.

DISCLAIMER: If anything I have mentioned so far may be triggering to you, please do not read my posts with those topics. I will do my best to include a disclaimer on all of my posts to warn readers of what will be discussed in the entry.

My method of healing is talking about things and getting it out of my mind and onto paper or out in the open. I know the majority of people do not use this method and that's okay. Everyone has a different coping mechanism. If mine triggers or hurts anyone, I don't want to chance making anyone feel worse about themselves. I am making this blog to help inspire and strengthen others by letting them know that times are TOUGH but if I can get through them, then so can you. I hope to be able to give insight into what the processes of these events are and how they truly affect the people involved so people can know what to expect, because I sure didn't.

Thank you for any and all support I receive and I hope that you can get something out of hearing my story. The last thing I want is to be just another statistic and that be the end of my story. I want to inspire others and hopefully reshape people's mindset on what they should do or what their options are.

Before I go, a quick tour of my site!

-There is a chat section where you can chat with others about either my story or your own. It can also be used to ask questions about how to get through certain situations or seek advice and I will do my absolute best to stay active on here and answer any and all questions.

-The resources page is (or will be, depending on when this posts) a list of all the available resources to get help with any of the situations related to my story. I will include the resources I used as well as some others that were also available to me. I will go into depth in my future entries about how these resources helped (or didn't help) me.

-The about page will probably just be a little about me, but as I'm sure you noticed by now, I will not be using my real name, and unless it is absolutely 100% necessary, I will not be using anyone else's real names either for privacy and respect of others involved.

-The photos page is just going to be where I post some of my photographs that I am really proud of. I am really into photography and haven't really had much inspiration lately with everything going on but maybe I will in the near future with this blog.

-I cant remember the other tabs that are added but I'm sure they are pretty self-explanatory.

Well, I look forward to the future of this blog and to begin this discussion! I am sure this goes without saying but if ANY of you feel like reaching out to me directly for any kind of personal advice that you don't feel comfortable putting out on the forum, I will create and include a business email for you to reach out to me on.

Rise above,


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