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Songs That Helped Me

Here is a collection of songs that really helped me and spoke to my soul when I first heard them. I play them when I need a push, a reminder, that I can overcome what I have already and I can get through anything life tries to through at me.


Warrior & Anyone- Demi Lavato

These songs tell Demi's story about her drug addiction and her sexual abuse. Warrior expresses how even though you have been beaten down to nothing, you can always get back up and keep fighting. I will also include her other song, Anyone. When I first heard it, I sobbed. It expresses how when you go through such a traumatic experience, you feel so alone and like there is no one to hear you cry for help.

Let You Down - NF

This was the first song I ever heard that I felt spoke to my heart on my abuse as a child. It is about how no matter how hard you fight for your parents love, all you will do is let them down when you ask them for something. I relate it as the song is me speaking to my mother about how the abuse was happening and she just brushed me off and led me to believe that doing anything to stop it will ruin our family and her happiness.


Dirty Laundry - All Time Low

This song is more general but I still really love the message of it. The song is about being attracted to this girl who feels like she is damaged and broken and 'carrying dirty laundry' around. I love it because I have alwasy felt like the girl who has all this pain and trauma that i carry with me everywhere I go. But in the song he mentions, that baggage, that pain, that 'dirty laundry' looks good on her and she wears it well. I have always been told by people that once they hear my story, they are shocked because I hold myself together so well. This songs reminds me of those moments.

Remember Every Scar - Escape The Fate

This song was introduced to me by 'David'. When I told him about what I was going through, he immediately pulled up this song. It is about how your pain and the scars you wear make you who you are. Don't push them away; embrace them. Your trauma is what makes you, you. Listening to this song not only reminds me of him, but that I can't ignore what happened to me. So I push forward, and I grow stronger from it.

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