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My Passion

Here is a collection of some of my favorite photos I have taken over the years. I hope to get more into photography again when things calm down in my life a little. 


Take A Sip

I took this on my most recent vacation to Atlanta, Georgia. Went to visit someone that means the world to me. This particular day, I went to the GA Aquarium as well as the Coca-Cola museum. 

Fly High

I covered up the tail number for military privacy reasons. This was my first photoshoot on base and honestly my favorite photoshoot I have ever done. I was approached by my favorite supervisor to take photos for her first flight in a T-38. It also happened to be a huge milestone for the pilot taking her up as well. It was a great experience and I was so glad to be there to share it with them.


Bamboo Hooch

Went on a 15 mile hike to find this hidden bamboo forest next to the Cattahoochy (spell check on that) River. We finally found it and it was totally worth it. The bamboo was stunning and I got some pretty great shots.

Holding Him Close

This was my first and only wedding shoot I did. It really meant a lot to me because the bride insisted on walking down the ailse with her father. Unfortunately though, her father passed away years before her wedding day. She get a pendant with his photo and tied it around her bouquet so that she could still hold him close on such an important day.

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